“The early bird catches the worm”, they say. Screw the worm, and screw that damn overly anal perfectionist bird! I’m a human for Pete’s sake! So, if like me, you have an inkling, an unnatural calling, or just need to get your fat butt to the gym and you need to go in the morning here are some tips to get you there!

Get your sh** ready the night before. Lay out the sports bra, jock strap, shorts, shoes, socks, and top and place them at your bedroom door…or anywhere else that helps send the message that the workout is important.

Set your alarm(s). Do what you gotta do to make sure you hear your wake up call. Set the alarm to a loud setting, get a friend to call you, have your significant other trick you into thinking the house is on fire! Set it 15-30 min before your workout time. This should give you enough time to drive to the gym, if you need to, eat a quick carb/protein, put on your workout clothes, and hit it. It should also give you just enough time so you’re not lolligaggin around with extra time.

Reward your efforts. Give yourself a sticker, a gold star, or a smiley face on your calendar. Maybe if you collect enough smileys I’ll allow you to buy some ice cream for yourself! (let’s say after 15 smileys). This reward system can help your AM workouts become more pleasurable.

Don’t make excuses! Even if you only had ONE FRIKKIN HOUR OF SLEEP, make yourself do it. Practice and persistence are the best ways to make a habit stick. So unless you have diarrhea or vomiting (for real it’s gross) get to the gym!

Find and rely on your motivation. If you’re intrinsically motivated, this might look like self-achievement and a sense of responsibility. If your extrinsically motivated, this might look like posting up pictures of your favorite fit role model or working out with a friend. Either way, you should remember these motivators when your alarm goes off in the morning!

Ready for that early morning workout tomorrow? I thought so!

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