If you are wondering about this podcasting thing I do…here is some information on it.

I host, edit, mix, record, my own weekly mental health podcast.  I’ve been doing this since January 2018. I mostly speak to other professionals and friends about their own mental well-being and emotional struggles (mental health histories). They are also given a platform to explain how their own careers intersect with mental health. We also discuss Latinx issues and other cultural experiences of living on the border (US Texas/Juarez Mexico Border).
I am a survivor of childhood depression and anxiety.  As a broken child and adolescent, I had therapists who were judgmental and unethical.  After these sour experiences with counseling,  I knew something needed to change in the mental health field.  The mission in my life from that point forward was to “be who you needed when you were little“.  This mantra has and continues to motivate me to be a better therapist every day.  It also motivates me to spread mental wellness, information, and insight about therapy and help seeking in my border community.
Couple my passion for mental health and my history of making pretend radio/TV shows since I was a little girl…VOILA!  Through The Eyes of a Therapist was BORN!
  • You can hear my podcast on iTunes, Google, Spotify or Podbean.
  • You can find my blog on WordPress.
  • I have a Facebook page where TONIGHT I am hosting a LIVE “Ask-A-Therapist” event as a free/stigma reducing resource to the community.
    (and every two Mondays thereafter)
  • I’m also on Instagram and Twitter.

My podcast hosting site:  Podbean.com (click here)

WordPress Website/Blog:  Cristal-Wonder Counselor

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