BECOMING A PLAY THERAPIST- feat. Kristin Trick, LPC, RPT “Play is the language of children and toys are their words.”-A Play Therapy Philosophy.   Working with children in therapy requires special skills.  Sometimes the best approaches with children are left to the experts who we call Registered Play Therapists.  This special certification/registration takes at least 300 extra supervised hours to attain post-licensure.  In […]

BECOMING A THERAPIST-HOW SUPERVISORS HELP US GROW feat. Tim Mendoza In this episode, we talk about how clinical supervisors are needed beyond graduate internships and licensure requirements!  Supervising at an agency can help clinicians be more well rounded and prepared for many client issues.  Supervision is also discussed in the previous episode with Dr. Kate Walker (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN). Tim Mendoza graduated with a […]