In this episode, we talk about how clinical supervisors are needed beyond graduate internships and licensure requirements!  Supervising at an agency can help clinicians be more well rounded and prepared for many client issues.  Supervision is also discussed in the previous episode with Dr. Kate Walker (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN).

BF2438CF-7066-4ADC-AE74-E62A1F847C88.jpegTim Mendoza graduated with a Masters of Education in Counseling from the University of Texas at El Paso.  He is currently the outpatient supervisor for Bethanna, a non-profit outpatient behavioral health program in Philadelphia.  This organization focuses on the provision of evidence based practices including PCIT and TFCBT for children and families.  He is certified in both therapy modalities and is currently working on his Level One Trainer Certification for PCIT.  Tim has over 11 years of clinical and supervisory experience and is also trained in EMDR and TCIT. 


Mentioned in the episode:


*Recommendations, discussion, and disclosures are for informational/entertainment purposes only.  You should never substitute consultations/information from your own mental health/medical professionals with information from this podcast.*


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