If you want to be a school psychologist or have ever wondered what a school psychologist does, then this episode is for you!  School psychologists are collaborators, advocates, leaders, and team players!  They are in charge of assessing school aged children and identifying their needs for success in school.  They work with other clinicians like Occupational and Speech therapists as well as mental health therapists and school counselors!  In this episode we talk diagnosis, IEP’s, and the many factors influencing student struggles and successes. 

Must have info about my guest:


Mawule has been praised for her contributions to the field of school psychology and behavior analysis on addressing diversity and inclusion. She is a nationally certified school psychologist and board certified behavior analyst. With the specialization of diversity and cultural competency, Mawule has completed research, lead workshops, and facilitated discussions throughout the United States and abroad. Her philosophy centers around capacity building and empowering parents, educators, and communities by providing them the necessary information to make informed decisions. Mawule currently serves as the Executive Director of The Key Consulting Firm, an organization which focuses on addressing the racial inequity among children in schools across the nation.




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*Recommendations, discussion, and disclosures are for informational/entertainment purposes only.  You should never substitute consultations/information from your own mental health/medical professionals with information from this podcast.*




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